Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard Review


Volador 42 inch Freeride longboard is identified as one of the best longboards in the market. The reason is the excellent feature set offered by the manufacturers of this brand. If you wish to do skateboarding at high speeds, this unit can be the best choice for you.


This unit is the right choice for individuals looking for skateboards that can help them get complete control during critical conditions. This can be the best choice for riding downhill at a controlled speed without any accidents.


Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard Detailed Review

Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Review

Reviews are highly important in the selection of any product or service. With this view, if you are looking for a review of the Volador 42 inch Freeride longboard, you have come to the right place.

Photo heat transfer graphic:

The important uniqueness associated with the Volador 42inch Freeride longboard is that it comes with graphic designs on the body of the skating board to enhance the beauty of the board. In addition, as the photo heat transfer method is used for the graphic designs in skateboards, they will last longer to give a fresh look to your longboard for several years to come without having to spend anything extra.

Truck base angles:

It is generally stated that one must consider the base angles of trucks before placing an order. Longboard trucks are generally manufactured in several varied geometric designs. However, one of the areas in which one manufacturer shows a difference from another is the baseplate angle. The angle of the baseplate is highly important to consider. Volador 42 inch freeride longboard unit comes with a base angle of 45 degrees.

Die-casting trucks:

Die-casting trucks are highly beneficial in several ways. This is why Volador 42 inch freeride longboard will bring you dimensional accuracy and stability. Besides giving visual appeal to the longboards, the die casting trucks also ensure simplified assembly. This is why trucks in Volador 42 inch come with 180mm hangers and they are also aluminum die-cast trucks.

70 mm diameter wheels:

The initial decision you should make when selecting longboard wheels is the size you require. Most longboard wheels come in the size of 64-80 mm in diameter. As this unit comes with a set of wheels of larger diameter, they accelerate slower, but you will be in a position to reach top speed and at this speed, it will be possible to easily roll over debris and cracks.

ABEC 9 bearings:

This unit comes with the highest level of bearing on the ABEC scale. This means that you will be in a position to enjoy speed skating with this longboard without any trouble whatsoever. It also comes with a high-speed lubricant to ensure smooth riding without any sounds.


The coarse OS780 is yet another feature associated with Volador 42 inch Freeride longboard. With this excellent set of features, you can stay confident about choosing this longboard.

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