Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete 22 Inch Standard Review


The great thing about this plastic skateboard is that it is easy to use and easy to carry both for adults and kids alike. The ABEC-7 bearing will help the users in a smooth movement. It is shipped completely assembled, which is an added advantage.


Skateboarding will bring a wide range of health benefits like flexibility, full-body workout, physical endurance, and precision, to name a few. All these benefits are possible to the user with this skateboard that comes with 59mm high durability and super smooth wheels.

Cal 7 22 Inch Mini Standard Cruiser Review



Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete 22-Inch Standard Review

Cal 7 is a brand that has many products under their brand like a skate toolkit apart from the skateboard. Here, let us get into the review of the top 4 features of the Mini cruiser skateboard complete 22-inch standard retro-style plastic board:

ABEC-7 bearing:

ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. This particular product has an ABEC-7 bearing, which is known for its high speed. ABEC grades are a set of standards to produce the tolerances of bearings. ABEC 7 is equal to the standard of ISO P4, and it can permit an utmost eccentricity of 0.0000098″. There are different qualities of bearings available in the market, and ABEC 7 is in the high range, which denotes quality. This means that the bearings are very smooth and fast in operation.

Assembled shipping:

In general, many skateboards are shipped by other manufacturers as separate pieces, and it is the purchaser, who will have to assemble the parts. But, another excellent feature about this Cal 7 mini cruiser is that it is sold assembled. This means that it can be used immediately upon opening the package. This is something joyous for skateboarders as they will not have to wait until their board gets assembled.

High-durability wheel:

In general, the wheel diameter of skateboards is measured in millimeters. When the number is lower, the wheel will be smaller. When the wheels are smaller, the ride will be slower, and larger wheels mean faster rides. In addition, wheel diameter also decides the quickness with which the user can accelerate and also the tightness of the turn. As far as the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser is concerned, it comes with a 59 mm wheel. Anything between 54 and 59 mm is identified as a wheel size suitable for beginners and bigger riders. This means that it can withstand weight without any difficulty whatsoever. It is also a high-durability wheel.

Attractive color combination:

Another important feature that will surely attract kids to this model from Cal 7 is that the company has manufactured the Mini cruiser in different attractive colors for the shoppers to choose one as per their taste. Not just the board, but also the color of the wheels also differs.


With these features, the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard complete 22 inches is an excellent choice both for kids and adults alike.


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