Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard

If you’re looking for a cool retro ride, you’re not going to find a better choice than the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard. This groovy skateboard unites the vintage appeal of vinyl records with a compact design inspired by the Banana Boards of the 70s and 80s. The plastic injection-molded deck features grooves like those you’d find on a vinyl record, offering a nice grip on the surface.


Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard Review

  • 59-millimeter 78A PU Tunnel Wheels
  • Soft 90A bushings
  • 3.125 trucks


  • The small, sleek design makes this skateboard the perfect size for school or for riding around town.
  • Large wheels offer a smooth, stable ride and excellent maneuverability.
  • Cool retro design makes this deck a statement piece.
  • It’s similar to a Penny Board and offers the same level of performance, but it’s less expensive.
  • You can buy the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser plastic complete skateboard in a rainbow of bright, exuberant colors including red, yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, white, and black.
  • Your purchase comes with a sticker pack to decorate your deck and a pair of Stereo sunglasses.
  • You get all this for the low price of $40-$100.

How does this skateboard measure up? More than 482 customers on have given it an average of 4.3 stars out of 5, praising the fun, retro colors, and sleek vinyl design as well as the surprising durability of the board. As a plastic deck, it does scratch easily, but it holds up pretty well since the plastic is heavier than you’d expect. It’s great at taking corners and handles better than a lot of longboards.

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Any drawbacks? The only real complaint that a lot of buyers had was the bearings. There are a couple of solutions here; you can either try replacing the bearings (which is cheap and easy to do), or you can just loosen up the nuts, which a few customers said was enough all on its own to get the wheels spinning right. This is a very minor and easily corrected design flaw in an otherwise perfect deck.

This skateboard is perfect for:

  • Students. Whether you’re looking for a slick way to get to and from school or a fun, fast way to get around campus, this deck is perfect! The lightweight, compact design won’t weigh you down. It’s much better than lugging around a heavy, bulky longboard.
  • Beginners. The small size of the board poses some balance challenges, but many beginners who tried this board said they found it easier to maneuver than larger decks.
  • The music-lover who loves to skate. This board makes for an awesome conversation piece.
  • Anyone! You really can’t go wrong with this skateboard. Whatever your age or experience level, you’re going to have a blast riding this thing around town.

As a lightweight, portable, trendy option, you are not going to beat the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser plastic complete skateboard. It’ll get you anywhere you want to go and is well-suited to any skill level. Beginners love this deck and so do veteran skaters. If you’re ready for a sleek, compact board that is going to offer you incredible performance for a low price, the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser is exactly the right board for you!

>>Check Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard review and price on Amazon<<