Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

Features of the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is amongst the best-selling skateboards in the market. A respectable 450+ customer reviews on are proof of its popularity. If you are thinking of buying a new skateboard for yourself or your child, you can consider buying this particular product. The dimensions of this skateboard are 22x7x7 inches. On the other hand, it weighs approximately 4.5 pounds. This review mainly deals with the features of this product.


Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

The size of this skateboard is just perfect for every person. The 22-inch long deck ensures that anyone can use the skateboard. Apart from that, this product features penny trucks that are 3.125 inches in size. On the other hand, the penny wheels of this skateboard measure 59 mm each. The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard also comes with its branded ABEC 5 bearings.


This skateboard has a design that is similar to the skateboards that were built in the 1970s. It is sort of a replica of classical skateboards when they were built for the first time. The classic construction goes with the classic design to make it look stunning. The skateboard can indeed be termed a ‘classic’. Also, the design and construction of this skateboard is quite small. This makes the board a perfect cruiser skateboard.

Smooth Ride

You can take this board to any place you want. The wheels give you a smooth ride on any type of surface. So, you don’t have to worry about the type of road or street you are skating on. The skateboard features soft wheels. This makes the skateboard a perfect one for sucking up all the cracks of the sidewalks, thus giving you the smoothest possible ride.


In addition to the smooth ride, the classic design makes it a fit for any place. So, whether you want to go to check the surf or kick to the school, the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard allows you to go anywhere you want in style. Also, the small design allows you to fit the skateboard into your locker. Therefore, carrying the skateboard is not a hassle at all. You can carry it around with ease.

Other features

This skateboard is very easy to control. Also, you can easily ride fast on this skateboard. With all these features, the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard also offers longevity. Since the board is very sturdy, it does not get damaged even with the roughest usage. So, you can expect this board to run for years. Always go for this product instead of cheap or fake products, which cannot run for even a year.

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