White Wave Bamboo Longboards Review


The directional shape of the White Wave Bamboo Longboard makes it an excellent choice both for individuals looking for longboards for commuting and also for carving. The ensure durability, the unit comes with clear grip tape and several layers of Bamboo.


Irrespective of whether you are an experienced skater looking to shop for a new longboard for commuting or whether you wish to use it for your interest in artifacts, you will find White Wave Bamboo Longboards an excellent choice.

white wave bamboo longboard review

Full review of White Wave Bamboo Longboards

As you have been looking for a dependable review to decide on the shopping for the bamboo longboard from White Wave, here is a review of the top features that will help you decide on your shopping:

Mixed Construction:

This unit from White Wave is made out of not just bamboo, but also Canadian Maple and is used for the production of the deck. This combination will deliver one of the finest riding experiences to you. The reason is that this combination ensures stability at the best level while providing you with a comfortable longboarding experience. In other words, I experienced that I was gliding over the ground when I tried this longboard. I hope, you too will get the same experience.

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Urethane Wheels:

This longboard is made out of high-rebound urethane wheels. This is added by the manufacturer to make sure that the users can get better durability and they can board faster as compared to the wheels made of other materials. Urethane wheels also provide a better shock-absorbing capability to prevent injuries to users.

Drop-through Trucks:

Another important feature of White Wave Bamboo Longboards is the drop-through trucks. As compared to longboards with top-mount trucks, drop-through trucks are beneficial as they provide better stability at a greater speed. The reason is the lower center of gravity. In addition, the lower deck will make sure that the users will experience easy pushing, and foot braking will also be easier. The slides will be easier not just to start, but also to control because of the lower center of gravity.

High-quality Graphics:

The manufacturer has used heat-transferred graphics in the longboards. When it comes to decorating bamboo and other materials, this type of graphics is widely used. The reason is that besides being affordable, it is also simple to use and the output will also be high quality. Also, this type of graphic used in longboards is resistant and permanent as compared to other methods of decoration.

Hellion Bearings:

The hellion bearings used in White Wave Bamboo Longboard are durable and also make the board fast to operate. Also, the ABEC 9 standard is known for its durability and dependability.


In my opinion, with their excellent features, White Wave Bamboo Longboards are ideal not just for experienced skaters, but it is also for beginners alike as they can provide them better stability until they can manage on their own.

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