Kryptonics Skateboard Wheels Review

Kryptonics Cruise Wheels ReviewKryptonics offers a pretty wide variety of wheels for skateboards, with firmness ratings from soft to hard, and sizes from 55mm to 75mm. When you are trying to fine-tune your board to perform the way you want it to, you are going to have to know what you want out of your wheels.

What do all the numbers mean?

All wheels will list two important features: the size (diameter in mm) and the durometer rating (78a – 86a). The diameter factors into the acceleration and top speed of a wheel. Smaller diameters accelerate fast but top out at a lower speed: whereas large diameters accelerate slowly but make a higher possible top speed. The durometer rating tells how rigid a wheel is, going from a soft 78a to a hard 86a. The wheel’s rigidity is meant to work on different surfaces: softer wheels for rougher surfaces, and harder wheels for smoother surfaces.

Our top list of best Kryptonics Skateboard Wheels

To make things easier for you, we have created our top list of best Kryptonics Skateboard Wheels and placed it right here on the homepage.

Kryptonics Star Trac Skateboard Wheels ReviewKryptonics Star Trac Skateboard Wheels70 millimeters
78 aurometer
Kryptonics Cruise Wheels ReviewKryptonics Cruise Wheel58MM Diameter
78a Hardness
Kryptonic Route 58mm 78A Skateboard Wheels ReviewKryptonic Route 58mm 78A Skateboard Wheels58MM Diameter
78a Hardness
Kryptonics Star Trac 70mm 78a Red Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4) ReviewKryptonics Star Trac 70mm 78a Red Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)70 millimeters
Kryptonics Star Trac 65mm 78a Red Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4) Review Kryptonics Star Trac 65mm 78a Red Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)65 millimeters
Kryptonics Star Trac Re-Issue Skateboard Longboard Wheels 75mm 82a Blue ReviewKryptonics Star Trac Re-Issue Skateboard Longboard Wheels 75mm 82a Blue75 millimeters
82 aurometer

Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels

The main line of Kryptonics skateboard wheels is the Star Trac line. They are all available in 55mm, 65mm, 70mm, and 75mm sizes and are color-coded by their rigidity: red 78a, blue 82a, and green 86a. The cost of these wheels goes up with the diameter, which means that people looking for small wheels that accelerate fast will pay less, whereas people who want to buy larger wheels for cruising will end up paying a little more for their large wheels. Pricing is generally even among sizes, but you can find some variance based on availability.

Kryptonics Cruise and Route Wheels

Route 58mm 78A kryptonics Skateboard Wheels ReviewThe Kryptonics Cruise series is best for the longboarder or cruiser who wants a soft wheel. These 78a wheels come in 58mm, 62mm, 65mm, and 70mm sizes. A set of cruise wheels is a good choice for a soft wheel that will be a little cheaper than its Star Trac counterpart without sacrificing quality. The Route line of wheels is another option for a good staple wheel for cruisers and longboarders that comes in cheaper than the Star Trac line. Route wheels come in the same size as the Cruise line, but measure 83a, making them a harder wheel. Both of these lines have dual-rounded edges for a smooth ride.

Consider your options

Whether you want to have a nimble board for tricks or a smooth ride for your cruiser, there is a Kryptonics wheel that will suit your needs. Between the three lines available, you will also be able to help your board meet your wallet’s needs.