Kryptonics Complete Longboard Review

Why should you consider buying the Kryptonics Complete Longboards?

The Kryptonics Complete Longboards are among the popular longboards that are available in the market nowadays. This longboard has an 8ply NE maple deck that has the dimensions of 34 inches x 9 inches. This maple deck is also with a shape of surfboard style. This makes the longboard stylish and attractive to look at. In this review, you will be given reasons to consider buying this longboard.

Specifications and features

Kryptonics Complete Longboard Review

This longboard weighs nearly 6 pounds. The longboard also features heavy-duty aluminum trucks. The aluminum trucks are 6 inches long. Also, these aluminum trucks come with a matte black baseplate and a polished hanger. Additionally, this particular product also features an angled riser pad which is 12 mm long. The size of the wheels is 62 mm each.

The Kryptonics Complete Longboards has been a slide-call way around. It also has a regular concave and a winged swallowtail. Additionally, the product also features a single kicktail. Along with that, it has two colored pieces of grip tape that are Die-cut. It also features a grip ad piece on the tail that is well-shaped.

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Probably the biggest positive point about the longboard is that it is very easy to turn. You would want your longboard to be easy to turn. This particular longboard is exactly what you would love to have. This is why it is amongst the most flexible longboards available in the market.

Apart from the easy-turning facility, the Kryptonics Complete Longboards are also of a size that fits almost anyone. It has just the perfect length for riding around. The flexibility and size offer you the smoothest possible ride. A smooth ride is what most people look for while buying a longboard.

The size of the wheels is really good. These wheels are great for speed. They offer a very smooth ride while going side to side. These wheels are best suited for smoother pavements. Apart from that, the longboard also has high-quality bearings and trucks. Not to mention, the paint on the longboard is really good, making it look very attractive.


Some users of the skateboard have found it a bit weak. Another con of Kryptonics Complete Longboards is that it does not offer that smooth ride on rough pavements and sidewalks as it does on smoother pavements. Having said that, it is one of the best products you can choose in the price range. With so many options available, this is not a bad product to opt for.

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